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Medallions are an ancient art form introduced by the Romans to display portrait effigys of noted persons such as kings, queens and the like.

Nowadays medallions come in infinite designs and are installed indoor and outdoor in fine homes, restaurants, hotels and offices throughout the world.

Waterjet stone medallion are made by cutting natural stone slabs with a waterjet, assembled as tight as possible on a solid backer. Stones are polished and sealed and there are no gaps or grout between individual pieces. You don't have to worry about cleaning the grout or matching grouts in color. The availability of computerized waterjet equipment allows us to cut stone to incredibly close tolerances. The example below illustrate the precise placement of inlay elements.



With decorative, earthy color ranges, the design possibilities of natural stone mosaic tile for walls, mosaic patterned floors, and backsplashes in the modern kitchen and bathroom continues to be top of mind for many professionals and property owners alike. So does the use of natural stone wall tile for exterior spaces as well, transforming a standard vertical space, or outdoor living area into a feature to be cherished for years.


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