We firmly believe in “HONESTY ABOVE EVERYTHING” and take it as our mission and the rulers of conduct as we think the Honesty means the morality, respect and responsibility. “Honesty Above Everything” has been put on the first place in our culture construction and we Implement this Philosophy to all staffs so that they will become its spreader, executor and defender.


*  Basic Code of Conduct:
Integrity, trust, open, share, responsible

*  Company Management:
We are pursuing a people-oriented approach toward development because we believe that development must be for the people and by the people and its benefit should be shared among the people.

*  Team Spirit:
We believe we are becoming stronger and wiser when we get together. Our team has a positive and open atmosphere, and the members trust each other. They are most willing to share, help mutually, communicate honestly and make contributions to the team. We appreciate the special character of every member, and even better, they have strong spirit of Collaboration.

*  Individual:
We firmly believe every individual is special & unique and should be treated with respect and fairness.

*  Cooperation :
We advocate sincere communication, efficiency, mutual trust and mutual understanding with a view to develop a long-term partnership.

*  Customer:
We always focus on creating value for customers. The Satisfaction of Customer is our biggest motivator.

*  Sustainability:
We're committed to use natural resources in an efficient way to minimize environmental impact and meet society's need for sustainable consumption.

*  Ethics :
To be respectful to business ethics.

*  Adaptability To Change:
To rapidly adapt ourselves to changes in market and technology.

Main Effort
Quality, Service, Innovation and Customer Relationship.



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